Back to the Caribbean

Livingston is on the mouth of the Caribbean sea and Lago Izabel is only accessible by water, so it feels vastly different to the rest of Guatemala. It’s so strange to see Guatemalan ladies in their traditional clothing strolling next to large Garifuna ladies shouting in Creole. The Garifuna and Spanish quarters are completely separate … More Back to the Caribbean

Volcanoes and markets in Lake Atitlan and Chichicastenango

After finishing our Spanish course, we were both wiped out for a few days with stomach bugs which held us up in Antigua for a lot longer than expected. When we finally got our energy back, we launched straight in to tackling Volcana Pacaya. We were pretty unlucky with the weather so we couldn’t actually … More Volcanoes and markets in Lake Atitlan and Chichicastenango

Back to school

It’s time to get our learning on! We can both speak Spanish at a very basic level but, needless to say, some of our encounters over the last few months have felt more like a long game of charades than a conversation. Annie is improving faster than me thanks to some lessons before we left, … More Back to school