Munching away in Mexico

One absolute highlight of our short stay in the Yucatan has been the delicious and varied food on offer. Our favourites include: Memela Chorizo, chicken and peppers in a tomato sauce, served on a thick, pancake-like tortilla with fried banana; Grouper fish cooked Veracruzana style With vinaigrette, olives, peppers, picante and tomato; Ceviche, ceviche, ceviche! … More Munching away in Mexico

Beach bums in Tulum

It’s still raining. And apparently will be for the foreseeable future. But hey ho, we’re still in Mexico! The most recent stop was Tulum, a pretty little bohemian beach spot which was top of both our must-see lists before we arrived in Mexico. Tulum has a beautiful coastline with picturesque ruins situated right on the … More Beach bums in Tulum

Arriving in Mexico

We have arrived… and in one piece as well which is a definite bonus! Although, unfortunately, we seem to have been thrown head first into the kind of off-putting travelling experiences we were hoping to only encounter later down the line. It turns out that landing in Cancun (or possibly anywhere on the Carribbean coast) … More Arriving in Mexico