A very muddy cycle to the Pub with Cold Beer

We had planned to take it easy on our first day in Phong Nha after a long overnight train from Hanoi. A light cycle through the rice paddies to find the famous Pub With Cold Beer was the perfect idea, we thought. In retrospect, we probably should have realised it wouldn’t be quite that simple. Phong Nha had experienced terrible flooding in the … More A very muddy cycle to the Pub with Cold Beer

Back to the Caribbean

Livingston is on the mouth of the Caribbean sea and Lago Izabel is only accessible by water, so it feels vastly different to the rest of Guatemala. It’s so strange to see Guatemalan ladies in their traditional clothing strolling next to large Garifuna ladies shouting in Creole. The Garifuna and Spanish quarters are completely separate … More Back to the Caribbean